She twirled amidst an ocean of pure white rose petals, the hem of her bold scarlet dress flying in the air, as she tightly held onto the sleeve her heart was tied to, because you wouldn't want to lose it, would you? But oh! Little did she know, She had attracted the world's eye to... Continue Reading →


13 Reasons Why…

I am D.E.A.D. and I am dying. Jeff Atkins is... dead? Seriously?!! Watching that scene of 13 reasons why was literally the most painfully murderous thing my heart has ever been through. I recently started watching the show and it has... just taken over my life with its hands across my soul's neck. I know... Continue Reading →

She was beautiful.

All their sight allowed them, was to view, her richly colored lips, her glass-like spotless skin, and her bullet-like ocean eyes, while their insight failed to dig deeper, So, they worshipped her body, and paid her soul no heed, therefore, she decided to do them a favor, and on a beautiful sunny day, with a... Continue Reading →

no escape

I saw¬† a flame as it flickered in the dark, so my scorched skin flooded it with gasoline, now I'm drowning into the ashes I once rose from, I heard a whisper of pain as it danced around me, so my battle wounds arranged for a microphone, now I'm being showered with the arrows I... Continue Reading →

I dare you.

You cannot define me by your own fears when a depthless ocean of sinister darkness flows within me, You cannot confine me by your own limitations when a soul is lurking free within me, You cannot force me into your created reality when numerous gardens of imagination bloom within me, You cannot mold me into... Continue Reading →

What are you?

Your eyes seeking perfection, drown me in the oceans of my flaws, that you seem to calculate in my every breath, Your words concealing murderous weapons, shoot me with the bullets of my own intentions, to think that you maybe embrace diversity, Your shoulders held high in pride, shove me deep into the pits of... Continue Reading →

No wonder…

Her heart like the suicidal human, balancing on the tip of a cliff, at the constant risk of being pushed down, Her mind like the hive of bees, crowded by the cacophony, of the farrago of infinite buzzes, Her soul like the outer space, stars crashing in its limitless expanse, screaming to be let out,... Continue Reading →

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