My idol: Camila :)

I can't study anymore. Actually, can't do anything anymore!! I'm so failing my exams (and life, in general) BUTTTTTT considering the reason... HELL YEAH, its worth it! I've had to deal with "PTFD" (Post Traumatic Fangirl Disorder)  ever since ma loves, Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes JUST SHOWED THE WORLD HOW A  DEBUT  GRAMMY PERFORMANCE... Continue Reading →


Just another one…

What if, I sacrifice my heart to these unspeakable urges, What if, I shoot an end into the bolting thoughts in my mind, What if, I use what is left to set free these incarcerated feelings, What if, I surrender myself to these never-ending fears, What if, I cut the threads that hold the stitches... Continue Reading →

Too much. — My Spirals

Too much. It’s been a while. Hey! I hope you like this. It’ll mean a lot to me if you can share this with your friends through the buttons at the bottom of every post. Do share if you like it and let me know if you did in the comments section. Also, tell me… via... Continue Reading →

My Universe — Luna

My thoughts are immiscible light bolts, wandering fiercely in the bottle of my ink, My existence is a vacant space, waiting patiently on the surface of my canvas, for my universe that is a farrago of hues undefined, sparkling at the tip of my pen. Hey! I’m just an ordinary girl who writes poetry because […]... Continue Reading →

I still do.

Why would you spin tales about the future, with the threads of hope and imagination, and not remember to sew me by your side, the way I still do.  

Yep, that’s her!

With thorns in her soul, she dances with flowers in her hair, with ice in her heart, she rattles fire with her fingers, with anchors at her feet, she floats with her head in the clouds, with endless battles in her mind, she lulls the old moon with her tales, you see the flickering candle... Continue Reading →

Farewell, Camila!

Right now, I'm melting on the inside, kinda crying on the outside BUT MY DANG EXISTENCE IS REPLETE IN EXCITEMENT FOR WHATEVER STANDS AHEAD! It seems so weird that it was JUST a year ago that I got to look behind the curtain for the first time, look past Camila Cabello and into Karla for... Continue Reading →

Fall Over

I stand amidst the four walls, of expectations, or austere limitations? I can't really tell, because beyond the walls, the unknown screams my name, loud enough to deafen the rest, but when I move ahead, fear tugs on my flowy infinite dress, and I can't help but fall over.  


step away, stand back, fire-like hate is burning against my walls, I might just erupt right now, turn away, never look back, I will burn you so fiercely, and will be of no aid at all, because it is indeed I, who hates this fire most of all.    

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